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StepNext offers a range of tech services, including custom software development, SaaS solutions, Software Integration & Development, web and mobile app development, expert UX/UI design, and IT consulting. We’re committed to excellence and innovation, tailoring our approach to meet your specific business needs and empower you to thrive in the digital age. Choose us as your trusted technology partner. And also experts in Machine Learning, Deep Learning & AI Technologies and  Social Network Analysis, Optimization and Predictive models to solve complex business problems. Hands on experience across domains like Retail, Telecom, Banking, HR analytics and Consulting.

Software Solutions

Big Data Analytics

Political Analysis

Our Political surveys based on meticulous interactional research and provides Management assistance to different Political parties and Leaders. We research the data from all levels to set a goal and reach the target voter and persuade them with Effective messaging to get the Desired Result.

Our team of experts, design a campaign strategy for you, based on your needs using our advanced analytics.


Why StepNext?


We love to make it easy

Tell us your needs:

First, let us communicate about your data requirements, and then we will offer the sample dataset. If it matches your demands you can request a complete dataset or let us know specific data for a particular country or region that you require.

Get the data in the desired format:

Once you have made a choice, we will upload the data in JSON or CSV format that can be sent in the form of a weblink or to your preferred data storage.

Data should be Fresh:

Outdated data has no value. Step Next offers monthly and quarterly data updates to its clients.

Refined and valuable alternative data from public web sources

Estimate the risk and reward equation looking at the raw data and improve your investment returns. Step Next gives easy access to early insights from various industries globally that help you predict future market moves to generate better investment ideas.

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